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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I return the device If it does not work for me?

A:Music On Hold items are returnable in case they do not work for you, please read the Return Policy for full details.

Q: I only need Music/Message On Hold which model has everything I need complete?

A: Both SX8800-2LP or SX8800-4LP provide the Music/Message On Hold function so you can take either one. -4LP can be used on 2 phone numbers and gives room to grow if you add more phone numbers.

Q: What is the "Auto Answer" Music On Hold machine ? and Do I need it?

A: There are some models SX8800-AA (available directly from the manufacturer only) that answers the calls removing the ringing stress, then takes the calls to "on Hold" while it alerts you to take the call when you are able to, this way when you are busy with another call or otherwise you do not have the stress to take that ringing line & you do not need to place a call on hold to answer another line. The Auto Answer versions can answer the calls with a professional voice so it also boosts your business image & can provide the repetitive info. such as your office hours etc. to your callers before they get connected to a live person. You can set the -AA versions to "live answer" just like SX8800-2LP or -4LP any time. For more information on those models go to http://www.invotel.com/ those models are very expensive about $500, if you are short staffed you may need it.

Q: I have the phone company "call waiting" service, can I get MOH when I answer a call waiting call?

A: No, there is no device that can do that, the call is placed on Hold in the phone company before the new call is connected to you. So you can switch between the calls and place either one on Music on Hold while the other one is held in the phone company in silence.

Q: Why are the AudioImage Music-On-Hold devices better?  what is the difference?

A: The most important point to look for in a music on hold device is the activation mechanism,  in other devices you may need to press the star key * or a separate Hold button on the device or may be required to attach a separate activator piece to the hand set of every telephone in order to be able to use the HOLD button for Music-On-Hold activation;  but with the AudioImage series  you only press the HOLD button on the  phone and there are no other pieces required to be attached to any phone.

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Q: Do  I need a phone system to get MOH?

A: No!, you can use the regular 1, 2, 3 or 4 line telephones

Q: Where and how Do I connect  this device?

A: this device is like another telephone, you simply plug it into any telephone wall jack in your office. You  may share the wall jack with your telephone using a splitter, or plug the "IN" jack(s) of this device to the wall jack then plug one of  your telephones to the provided "OUT" jack(s) on this device. Only one telephone is connected this way,  your other telephones remain connected to their own wall jacks.

Q: Does this device cover all of my telephones?

A: Yes!  just one device covers all of your phones. 

Q: I have  several  telephones which device do I need? 
A: click all products link

Q: Do I  need any thing else ? cable ,wire etc. ?

A: Package comes complete with audio cables, manual, phone cords, etc. if you are ordering an adapter product (SX8800-2L,SX8800-4L) - you also need to provide an audio source with a headphone type jack, like a CD player or Radio or Ipod or a PC.