Benefits of Music-On-Hold  Based on AT&T Research

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Based on  AT&T research:
  • 70% of calls are placed "On-Hold"  for 30 seconds or longer, leaving a caller on "Silence Hold" results in a staggering 75% call abandonment rate!  majority of these callers will not call back again.
  • 80% of callers with silence on-hold hang up within 1 minute.
  • Callers with Music-on-Hold stay on-line up to five minutes longer
  • 30% of callers purchased additional products or services as a result of something they heard on-hold
  • 25% of callers make a purchase based on an on-hold sales suggestion

Based on  CNN Survey:

"The average person spends 100 hours per year on-hold" 

"Without music or messages, 70% of those on-hold will hang up and 35% won't call back"

Cellular Marketing Magazine:

"Over 90% of callers prefer on-hold messages over silence" 

Telemarketing Magazine:

"Surveys show that 25% to 40% of callers make purchases based on information they heard on-hold" 

Can you afford to spend so much money in advertising your product and services  to get the customers to call you, only to be placed  in  "Silence Hold"  while you have to help another customer? 

Well there is a better solution,  just plug in one of the AudioImage™ devices, now all of your telephones and  your lines automatically have this desirable function!

Best of all it works on your regular telephones!   

  • Keep customers on line longer and make a better impression
  • Increase your credibility and improve your customers perception of your business
  • Advertise your WEB site address,  provide value added information, promote special sales
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction