SX8800 series Professional Music-On-Hold adapter / player/ recorder

The new Auto Answer SX8800-2LP-AAG & SX8800-4LP-AAG are more than just a music /message on Hold device.

Now you can let the "Auto Answer" function take the call and give the caller a Greeting 1st then take the caller to a professional "thank you for holding ...." until you can handle the call. This is the best image you can put out there for your customers while eliminating stress to place the current call on hold & eliminating the ringing stress, later put that call on hold (with on hold music/message) and answer the other calls.

Models SX8800-2LP-AAG and SX8800-4LP-AAG, have the "Automatic Answering" capability which allows the device to answer any ringing line and taking the calls to "music/message on hold" until you are able to handle the call. This should not be be mistaken with an answering machine function, voice mail function or auto attendant function built-in on some telephones where calls are answered but not managed or kept on hold.

What is the difference? other devices answer the calls and then ring an extension or immediately take a message, they can not hold the call or manage it, in contrast SX8800-2LP-AAG and SX8800-4LP-AAG do not take any message but answer the calls and move the calls to a pleasant "music on hold environment".

Studies show most callers do not like to leave a message when calling but they do not mind staying on hold a few minutes longer to be connected to a live representative! and that is the key difference, calls and rings are managed, reminder rings are played from speakers included with the package in a pleasant controllable setting without stress until all calls are answered.

Both the number of the rings to answer the ringing lines and period of time to hold the calls in music on hold state until you are able to answer the calls can be programmed into the device easily, from 1 to 4 rings and from 3 to 30 minutes. By setting the number of rings on the SX8800 to be less than the number of rings on your voice mail or answering machine, you can ensure that you can still take a message if needed. By turning the "Auto Answer" OFF easily via a slide switch in front of the unit, you can allow after hours messages to be placed into your existing answering machine or voice mail.

Once the calls are answered by you, the SX8800 transfers the calls to your telephone, and now you can place them on hold as often and as long as you need it still provides the music/message on hold function when ever the calls are placed back on Hold.

These models also have a greeting function, meaning they will play a greeting first every time a call is answered. A greeting example could be : Thank you for calling ABC company. Our hours are 9-5pm...please hold on for the next available representative! After answering the call with a greeting they place the call on hold with music and messages. These models also provide reminder re-rings with distinctive ring patterns so you can tell which line is waiting to be answered from the ring pattern alone.

Benefits of Auto Answer function:

The "Auto Answer" or auto attendant function is like an extra hand or secretary acting as a "Call Manager" to remove the ringing stress brought on when lines are ringing, By allowing the device to answer the calls at a pre specified number of rings or at a specific line like L3-L4 , you provide a means to handle the overflow calls more efficiently.

Another benefit of "Auto Answer" or auto attendant is the good Image it projects upon your company, Since the customers have already heard a greeting in a professional format with a clear male or female voice (or possibly your own custom .MP3 message if you have loaded one into the SD card), then upon answering the line you can simply answer with your name instead of a long introduction. The introduction was already provided in the on hold greeting or message played for them while holding!

Another benefit of the "Auto Answer" function is to target unwanted "telemarketer calls zapping". This is a feature that is beneficial and works because the SX8800 device holds the line internally while sending a signal to the line, the telemarketer equipment then will hang up before the device will re-ring you.

The Auto Answer function is similar to an "auto pilot" function in a airplane-you may turn it OFF just by simply sliding switch in front of the SX8800 and then proceed to answer all the calls live and use the device just as a "music/message on hold" device. Other options are to turn the "auto answer" ON and still answer the calls live yourself and in that case the device immediately removes the call from music on hold and connects it to you immediately. You may also set the number of rings to 4 rings for example and answer the calls yourself, but if you cannot answer a ringing line because you were on another line and just could not interrupt the customer, then the SX8800 answers that ringing line for you and takes it to "music on hold" mode automatically until you are able to handle that call.

These models have an integrated analog adapter circuit which allows it to provide on-hold audio content to ordinary 1-4 line analog phones and digital cordless phones and the popular "KSU-less" 4 line phone systems. In addition to supporting the KSU phones, The SX8800 series work with virtually all analog and KSU-less phones and is activated by pressing the hold button on any phone extension without requiring any attachment to the phone handset (other competing products require an attachment to every desktop phone handset and can not connect to a cordless phone with out wearing a headset)

The SX8800-2LP-AAG supports up to two incoming lines while the SX8800-4LP-AAG supports up to four incoming lines; They provide on-hold audio on up to 50 phone extensions. There are no telephone extension hold music activators, In addition the SX8800-2LP-AAG and SX8800-4LP-AAG can activate by pressing the Flash button as well as Hold button.

Free On Hold production -- Every SX8800-2LP-AAG or SX8800-4LP-AAG product ships with a SD card pre-loaded with professionally produced, voiceover with "company greetings" & "thank you for holding.." in both the standard or "holiday format" in both female or male voices - Ready to play out of the box. In addition there is Free Software download to customize your company name and greeting and messages.

Features: (specifications subject to change with out prior notice)

  • Both SD card and USB flash drive slots provided
  • Use with ordinary analog and KSU-Less phone systems as well as KSU or PBX phones
  • USB 2.0 High speed connection (supports 1.1 connection as well)
  • 64 mb minimum memory on the SD/USB flash drive
  • 8 GB maximum memory SD/USB flash drive supported
  • Supports MP3 format digital music
  • Supported bit rates of 32-392kpbs
  • Non-volatile SD card/USB flash drive memory, retains its recorded content, even after power failure
  • Automatically starts and repeats after power ON
  • Built-in speaker monitor,
  • 10W audio power
  • Up to 256 Hrs. of audio content per SD card/USB flash drive, up to 99 tracks
  • Ships with multiple FREE on-hold audio voiceover production, including several in "Holiday Format"
  • Free Software download to customize your company name and greeting and messages (requires a PC connection & PC microphone -mic not included)
  • Requires no phone handset attachments
  • No moving parts - 100% digital
  • No on board memory, all audio on SD card or USB flash drive, can be viewed or played any time
  • up to 5 year Warranty

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