SX8800 series Professional Music-On-Hold adapter / player/ recorder

The new SX8800-2LP or SX8800-4LP have an integrated analog adapter circuit which allows it to provide on-hold audio content to ordinary 1-4 line analog phones and digital cordless phones and the popular "KSU-less" 4 line phone systems. In addition to supporting the KSU phones, The SX8800 series work with virtually all analog and KSU-less phones and is activated by pressing the hold button on any phone extension without requiring any attachment to the phone handset (other competing products require an attachment to every desktop phone handset and can not connect to a cordless phone with out wearing a headset)

The SX8800-2LP supports up to two incoming lines while the SX8800-4LP supports up to four incoming lines; The SX8800 series provide on-hold audio on up to 50 phone extensions. There are no telephone extension hold music activators, In addition the SX8800-2LP and SX8800-4LP can activate by pressing the Flash button as well as Hold button.

Free On Hold production -- Every SX8800-2LP or SX8800-4LP product ships with a SD card pre-loaded with professionally produced, voiceover with "thank you for holding.." in both the standard or "holiday format" in both female or male voices - Ready to play out of the box. In addition there is Free Software download to customize your company name and greeting and messages.

Features: (specifications subject to change with out prior notice)

  • Use with ordinary analog and KSU-Less phone systems as well as KSU phones
  • USB 2.0 High speed connection (supports 1.1 connection as well)
  • 64 mb minimum memory on the SD card
  • 8 GB maximum memory SD card supported
  • Supports MP3 and Microsoft Windows Media (WMA) digital music
  • Supported bit rates of 32-392kpbs
  • Non-volatile SD card memory, retains its recorded content, even after power failure
  • Automatically starts and repeats after power ON
  • Built-in speaker monitor,
  • 10W audio power
  • Up to 256 Hrs. of audio content per SD card, up to 99 tracks
  • External audio input connector allows live audio from Radio, XM, etc. (option)
  • Ships with multiple FREE on-hold audio voiceover production, including one in "Holiday Format"
  • Free Software download to customize your company name and greeting and messages (requires a PC connection & PC microphone -mic not included)
  • Requires no phone handset attachments
  • No moving parts - 100% digital
  • No on board memory, all audio on SD card, can be viewed or played any time
  • up to 5 year Warranty

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