SX8800-P Pro Digital Player

If you are looking for top of the line digital player for your KSU or PBX phone system in which the main control box (the brain) has a "MOH" port then the SX8800-P is the answer.

To use the SX8800-P with regular 1 to 4 line phones an adapter such as SX8800-2L or SX8800-4L is required.


    The audio program can be loaded into the SX8800-P in several simple ways:

  • Card Load - by inserting a new SD card
  • SD card update - by removing the SD card and inserting it into any PC/MAC SD card slot or to a USB port via a "USB to SD card adapter" and performing a simple "copy/paste"
  • Unit update - by connecting the SX8800-P unit itself to any PC/MAC USB port and performing a simple "copy/paste"

    The SX8800-P Pro Digital Player is the most flexible and easy to use player of its kind, with a list of latest technology features not found in other players, these include:

  • Zero moving parts - 100% digital with no built-in CD or cassette player to wear and tear
  • Zero power storage - messages and music are retained all the time in power outage, playback automatically resumes when power is restored
  • All-solid-state design - no mechanical moving parts at all
  • Consistent audio output with absolutely no degradation in the sound quality throughout the product’s life
  • Highest level audio quality and fully maintenance free
  • up to 256 hours of audio recording capability per SD card up to 99 tracks
  • Audio volume control with 10 watts of power
  • SD card slot
  • USB interface
  • Volume control
  • Built-in Speaker to monitor the audio
  • LED status lights for MP3 playback
  • Attractive design enclosure
  • Wall mount capability
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty

User controls on SX8800-P series:

  • Both 8 ohm & 600 ohm RCA audio jack out puts
  • Volume Control with center tab
  • Speaker with ON-OFF switch
  • SD card slot
  • USB interface cable
  • 12VDC jack (automatic 110-240v to 12vDC power adapter)

Items included with SX8800-P:

  • SX8800-P digital player/recorder - ready to play out of box
  • AC power adapter 110V/240V to 12VDC 1000ma
  • SD card 64MB or higher, pre-loaded with both Royalty Free "Holiday message" and Royalty Free "Thank you for Holding messages."
  • RCA to RCA cable audio cord
  • User’s manual

Optional items available for SX8800-P:

  • Extra SD cards
  • USB microphone and CD software to create user audio productions
  • Custom production - with professional voice talents by network message on hold organizations specialized in the business - Royalty Free - pre-loaded in ready to play SD card or provided by MP3 files via email for easy updating.

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