AudioImage 2L Music On Hold Module

   AudioImage 2L
The AudioImage 2L is an advanced  Music On Hold  Module  with an audio input connector. This is a  cost effective music on hold device for your business with 1 or 2 phone lines.

The AudioImage 2L lets you connect a Radio, CD player, digital player, Ipod , MP3 player, PC/Mac, Laptop etc... to provide "Music/message on Hold" audio to your calls while on hold.

This model simply activates the hold music when you press the FLASH button on the phone (not some other gimmicks like star * * or an attachment to the telephone handset)  To return to the call just re-select that line & speak (yes it voice deactivates!) or press the Flash button,  It's that easy. On some telephone models it works just by pressing the Hold button (phones like ATT 892, 992 993) It even supports a cordless phone!

  • Increase Sales 20% to 50% 
  • Right way to Invest in your Business
  • A "Music-On-Hold" system pays for itself when a customer stays on line & does not "hang up"!
  • A "Must have tool" for your business 
  • Don't leave customers "On-Hold" without it!   Read the AT&T research 

  • Sharpen Your Image with AudioImage™ 

       Features & Hardware Specifications:
    • One or two lines
    • Only one device is needed for all of your telephones
    • Easy to install: just plug one jack into any wall jack!, and plug the audio source, that is it!  It automatically monitors all the phones. (there is even an extra built in splitter jack in case you want to share the same wall jack with a phone) 
    • Activates using the telephone's FLASH button on any corded or cordless phones This button is found on every phone, it may be labeled as "link" or "call wait" or "talk" or "ON" on some brands of phones. (the activation time is instant, for call waiting or call transfer use Flash-Flash)
    • Activates using the telephone's HOLD button on selected phones AT&T 892, AT&T 992, 993. 
    Please Note: "Hold Button" activation may be impossible to achieve with some phone models, or when using some mix of desktop and cordless phones and answering machines. in that case device needs to be configured to activate via "Flash"
    • Superior sound quality.
    • Accepts virtually any audio source such as: Radio, CD player, digital player, PC speaker, PC CD-ROM jack, Tape player,  Ipod™ , MP3 player, PC/Mac Laptop etc... The correct audio cord is included
    • Compatible with any telephone corded or cordless
    • Slide switch allows Hold or Flash activation. 
    • Compatible with services such as VOIP, Vonage, magicJack , centrex, center net, caller ID, call waiting, 3 way calling, and answering machines, etc. (Please Note: does not provide music on hold on the call waiting call,  compatible in this case means it allows you to answer the call waiting call via Flash-Flash)
    • 12V AC adapter included, fits anywhere and works in any country (110v to 240V automatic), a phone cord and a  6 feet audio cord (RCA to standard 3.5 mm headphone jack)  is  included. You just need to provide the audio source.
    • Simple plug-in installation, easy to use.

      Compare to List price  MSRP: $249   One year manufacturer warranty    Made in USA


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