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Welcome to Music-On-Hold.net 

The Ultimate On Hold Music devices for regular 1, 2 or 4 line Telephones and digital players for any pbx phone systems  

We specialize in Music on hold devices that enable your regular telephones to have this desirable function. We also sell the most advanced products in MUSIC ON HOLD Technology for KSU phones.      The new  line of  AudioImage™  devices allow your regular 1 to 4 line phones to have the  "delightful"  music on hold  instead of  silence when you put calls on HOLD.   

Just  plug and play and use one of the "all-In-One" models and enjoy projecting a professional image!



Image is Everything!

Project a professional Image and increase sales up to 50%

  1. Do you use regular telephones in your business ?

  2. Do you need to put customers on HOLD ?

  3. Do you want to project a better image ? (instead of "dead silence")

If  you answered  YES , then we are happy to inform you about the new AudioImage™ series  music on hold adapters that let you connect any audio source such as a Radio, CD player, PC, digital player, etc. to your regular 1 line, 2 line, 3 or 4 line telephones.

Indulge yourself to enjoy the credibility and High Image of a professional business. Read the AT&T research

How to provide Music & Messages on Hold ?

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These adapters utilize the HOLD button on your phone or Flash then Hold , not some other gimmicks used on other products like*( star touch tone  key) or a separate activator gadget that induces a constant pitch. click  this link to be directed to our new website  Visit New Website


Please click on any music on hold adapter or digital on hold player picture to see the details and  try our exciting new adapters for 30 Days risk free!.


To order Products : Order Online 24/7 or call 1-888-519-3478 10 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time Monday-Friday

Featured product:



SX8800 series

Professional USB/SD Card Music On Hold Adapter with Digital On Hold Player / Recorder "All-In-One"

Supports up to 4 phone lines & up to 50 telephones

HOLD or Flash button activation on any phone model

Built-in digital player/recorder with removable SD card

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To order : Order Online 24/7 or call 1-888-519-3478 10AM to 5PM Pacific Time Monday-Friday


music on hold adapters utilizing the HOLD button on the phone How to provide Music & Messages on Hold ?